Loving Wine

As a lover of wine, Sonoma County not only offered enough varietals to keep me captivated, but to my surprise, this destination was so much more than a wine-tasting attraction.  Whether going to Sonoma as a weekend getaway or flying across the country for a week of bliss, you will fall in love immediately.  Dining options are extensive and will even impressive food enthusiasts.  Activities abound from the air, to the mountains, to the ocean.  Sonoma County is covered in natural beauty with plenty of ways to see it.  Some of the most excited include: a hot air balloon over the vineyards, bicycling wine tasting tours and hiking through the Armstrong Redwood State Reserve.  For those seeking the perfect intimate escape, bring your partner to Sonoma County and enjoy!

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Romantic U.S.

Las Vegas is the perfect getaway for romance!

I love beach vacations. I love cultural travel. And I love going to Vegas for a lot of fun!!  Depending on the type of getaway we’re in the mood for, when we want something a little more fast tempo and glamorous, we head to Vegas.  The hotels and resorts are amazing. We’ve stayed at almost all the big ones now and love each for their unique charm and character. Vegas has the large pools, heat and fruity drinks that you find on tropical islands, but it also has amazing nightlife, shows and shopping that you can’t beat. For hot, dry weather, fantastic food, luxury resorts and a plethora of activities, head to Las Vegas to heat up your relationship.  For couples who like it quite and secluded, this isn’t for you. It’s for those who want to spend their nights dancing, drinking cocktails at fancy lounges and gambling next to your honey. You can’t go wrong in Vegas!