Stay close to home for a dream romantic getaway

In the past, my ideal vacations always included a plane that would take me far away from where I lived.  I dreamed of exotic destinations and unique cultures.  Unfortunately, this often meant spending loads of money to get there and not spending as much on the hotel, nice dinners and excursions. With the economy as it is, more couples are seeking destinations closer to home. This may sound like a bummer if you dream of getting far away, but it can also be the perfect motivation to see what amazing locations nearby. More importantly, it leaves you with more money to spend on your romantic hotel or resort.

If choosing between a three star and a five star resort, the difference is astounding, especially for a honeymoon. The five star treatment will leave you pampered and refreshed after several days. And you won’t feel drained after a 12 hour plane ride home. There’s nothing wrong with getting away, but if you have to choose between spending more on your airfare or upgrading your resort, I would stick with the resort and stay a little closer to home.