Lush St. Lucia

St. Lucia is such a beautiful destination for romance. It is so lush with so much to do on the land.  It’s great having more to look at than blue water, even though the water is pretty breathtaking.   St. Lucia is the perfect destination for both countryside and beautiful ocean views. There are similar water activities as on most Caribbean islands. There are also warm, volcanic hot springs to soak in and a gondola that soars through the lush forest. You can also spend a day hiking through one of the many trails. Hiking is a great activity for romance, spending quality time together in nature and a nice break from the beach. Bring a picnic and enjoy some alone time! There is plenty to see and do on a St. Lucia romantic getaway.


Glowworm Cruise

A cruise at night is pretty romantic no matter where you are. But nothing beats a nighttime cruise when glowworms are mating in the water around you, creating a glowing atmosphere. It almost sounds fake or gross, but it’s really a magical experience. It only happens for a few days after a full moon in the Turks and Caicos, so plan your romantic trip accordingly.