10 Reasons to Escape to Maui

Maui is such a beautiful island destination. Leaving from LA, it’s a short flight and such an easy going vacation. Here are 10 reasons why I love Maui for a romantic getaway.

1. The hotels and resorts are first class.

2. Dining options are amazing with some outstanding restaurants.

3. Island ambiance but still some nightlife!

4. The ocean! The ocean! The ocean is beautiful! Lots to do in the water.

5. Friendly Hawaiians

6. Soaking in the Seven Sacred Pools.

7. Haleakala National Park is great for hiking lovers.

8. Time for fun shoppping with all types of shopping around.

9. No international drama.

10. Lavender fields and inner island a nice escape from the beach.


Loving Wine

As a lover of wine, Sonoma County not only offered enough varietals to keep me captivated, but to my surprise, this destination was so much more than a wine-tasting attraction.  Whether going to Sonoma as a weekend getaway or flying across the country for a week of bliss, you will fall in love immediately.  Dining options are extensive and will even impressive food enthusiasts.  Activities abound from the air, to the mountains, to the ocean.  Sonoma County is covered in natural beauty with plenty of ways to see it.  Some of the most excited include: a hot air balloon over the vineyards, bicycling wine tasting tours and hiking through the Armstrong Redwood State Reserve.  For those seeking the perfect intimate escape, bring your partner to Sonoma County and enjoy!

You can read the entire Sonoma County Romantic Getaway article here.

Stay close to home for a dream romantic getaway

In the past, my ideal vacations always included a plane that would take me far away from where I lived.  I dreamed of exotic destinations and unique cultures.  Unfortunately, this often meant spending loads of money to get there and not spending as much on the hotel, nice dinners and excursions. With the economy as it is, more couples are seeking destinations closer to home. This may sound like a bummer if you dream of getting far away, but it can also be the perfect motivation to see what amazing locations nearby. More importantly, it leaves you with more money to spend on your romantic hotel or resort.

If choosing between a three star and a five star resort, the difference is astounding, especially for a honeymoon. The five star treatment will leave you pampered and refreshed after several days. And you won’t feel drained after a 12 hour plane ride home. There’s nothing wrong with getting away, but if you have to choose between spending more on your airfare or upgrading your resort, I would stick with the resort and stay a little closer to home.

Lush St. Lucia

St. Lucia is such a beautiful destination for romance. It is so lush with so much to do on the land.  It’s great having more to look at than blue water, even though the water is pretty breathtaking.   St. Lucia is the perfect destination for both countryside and beautiful ocean views. There are similar water activities as on most Caribbean islands. There are also warm, volcanic hot springs to soak in and a gondola that soars through the lush forest. You can also spend a day hiking through one of the many trails. Hiking is a great activity for romance, spending quality time together in nature and a nice break from the beach. Bring a picnic and enjoy some alone time! There is plenty to see and do on a St. Lucia romantic getaway.

Las Vegas is the perfect getaway for romance!

I love beach vacations. I love cultural travel. And I love going to Vegas for a lot of fun!!  Depending on the type of getaway we’re in the mood for, when we want something a little more fast tempo and glamorous, we head to Vegas.  The hotels and resorts are amazing. We’ve stayed at almost all the big ones now and love each for their unique charm and character. Vegas has the large pools, heat and fruity drinks that you find on tropical islands, but it also has amazing nightlife, shows and shopping that you can’t beat. For hot, dry weather, fantastic food, luxury resorts and a plethora of activities, head to Las Vegas to heat up your relationship.  For couples who like it quite and secluded, this isn’t for you. It’s for those who want to spend their nights dancing, drinking cocktails at fancy lounges and gambling next to your honey. You can’t go wrong in Vegas!

Glowworm Cruise

A cruise at night is pretty romantic no matter where you are. But nothing beats a nighttime cruise when glowworms are mating in the water around you, creating a glowing atmosphere. It almost sounds fake or gross, but it’s really a magical experience. It only happens for a few days after a full moon in the Turks and Caicos, so plan your romantic trip accordingly.

My Honeymoon

I began writing about honeymoon vacations after going on my honeymoon 2 years ago. We went to Fiji, stayed at the Shangri-La Fijian and had the best time of our lives. There were coral reefs off of the beach at our resort, so we didn’t have to go far. The water in Fiji is crystal clear and you can swim far out without worrying about shark attacks or other scary creatures lurking in the water. One of the best things about Fiji is the excess amounts of islands scattered throughout the water, 300 + islands! As we were taking the book out to one of the islands, we kept passing island after island after island. It was an awesome site! Once you land on one of the little plots of land surrounded by water, you can literally walk the circumference in 5-10 minutes. We had never been on an island that small and loved every minute. Honeymoon travel to Fiji is a definite must. The plane ride isn’t too long from the west coast, maybe a little far from the east, but tropical paradise awaits you.

That was a tidbit about my honeymoon, even though there is so much more to tell. This blog is to share some of the great travel information and ideas from my research on honeymoons.